Texas Turf Design’s Landscape products focus on three aspects of determining a functional and quality artificial turf product: realism, durability and low-maintenance.  By foucusing on these three aspects, our Landscape turf is sure to surpass you lawn dreams.  This innovative, Americand-made line of fine-bladed, lush synthetic turf features a tan thatch to enhance the natural grass appearance.  Ideal for residential and  commercial landscaping!


Texas Turf Design's premium landscape products offer the most realistic look and feel that is sure to meet your residential and commercial synthetic grass needs.  Our products guarantee a waterless, low-maintenance solution that will continue to be realistic, beautiful, and functional for years to come. 


Texas Turf Design's new S-Blade grass products feature our exclusive Luster Guard yarn technology. This new technology produces an extrememly low luster and more natural looking blade while still maintaining complete ultraviolet stability and performance.  

In addition to using special, low luster resins, the S-Blade profile is extruded with a very precise ribbed texture on the surface of the blade.  This unique and exclusive texture reduces light from reflection off the surface, achieving a non-shiny appearance.  This helps to achieve a very natural look comparable to real grass.

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